“Dear ENT Specialists,
Thank you so much for helping me regain the hearing I’ve been losing for many years.  The emotional pain, isolation and embarrassment of my hearing loss is a thing of the past.  Although I have had hearing aids for a number of years that have served me well, these most recent instruments have brought me renewed happiness in ways I could not have imagined!
I now have the ReSound LiNX 3D model and the accompanying ReSound Smart 3D App for my iPhone.  I am so pleased with the choice of options within each program to fully customize my hearing in many different situations.  I now look forward to social situations knowing I can fully hear well at last!
I have a special Thank You for Catherine Buchele, my audiologist.  She is so knowledgeable and has been so helpful over the years customizing my hearing aids to my specific prescription.  I always receive a warm welcome and have plenty of time to have my concerns heard.  She helped guide me through the options of my current hearing aids and to the level of hearing I’m enjoying today.  I trust her with my hearing!
The entire staff at ENT Specialists creates a pleasant atmosphere that makes me feel cared about when I come to my appointments.  I highly recommend this team of caring professionals!”

  • Ron W.
    Novi, MI
    November 13, 2017


“I was referred to ENT by my daughter-in-law, Amy DeRosa D.O.  She assured me the doctors in this group are exceptional.
I was looking for answers to my hearing problem, particularly whether there might be a surgical option that might allow discontinuation of my use of hearing aids.  I saw Dr. Varjabedian who gave me a thorough exam.  Without equivocation he indicated surgery was not an answer.  I could have ended the visit then and there, but he referred me to Nicole Ludke at the Hearing Center.  The short story is, I got new hearing aids at a reasonable price and I hear very well again.  My hearing well has, so far, turned my life back to what it was several years ago.  I had steadily become more reclusive but now I can socialize again without fear of not hearing.  From the time I entered the office I was treated exceptionally well by every member of the staff.  Everyone treated me well without being unprofessional.
Dr. V, as he was called, was clear and very decisive.  He explained my problem clearly and just as clearly the necessary treatment.  He was consummately professional.
Nicole Ludke is a delightful lady who is outstanding in her knowledge and training.  She immediately puts one at ease.  She is exceptional.
I don’t know how I could be happier about how I was treated and the results.  I strongly recommend this group.”

  • Judge David Nicholson
    July 14, 2017


“Over the four years I have seen Nicole Ludke for my hearing needs, she has been exceedingly helpful and proficient, improving the functioning of my hearing aids.  I see her twice a year to adjust and clean the devices and resupply me with batteries.  She is always positive and helpful in attempting to solve my challenges, especially helping me to better understand the words of higher pitched voices, especially on the telephone.   On my last visit with her, she made major increases in the volume and fitting the earpiece with a larger dome that fits my ear more snugly.  Both these adjustments have improved my hearing significantly.”

  • Gary E.
    White Lake, MI
    March 29, 2017