Do you Experience Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss can affect anyone, and at any point during a person’s life. It affects different people to varying degrees and for different reasons, and can be triggered by any number of environmental and biological factors.

Treatment can lead to a better quality of life by improving personal relationships, reducing anger and frustration, and providing better control of one’s life.

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Have questions about Hearing Aids?

Many people have questions about hearing aids. The technology and sophistication of hearing aids changes often.

What is a digital hearing aid?
Do I have to wear a hearing aid in both ears or just one?
How will I care for my hearing aids?

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Do you need a Hearing Evaluation?

A Hearing Exam/Test is the most important step to better hearing. Without an accurate and updated hearing exam, your audiogram will not reflect an accurate diagnosis of your hearing loss. At The Hearing Center, we not only have some of the most experienced providers in Michigan, but our practice has invested in the appropriate technology to give you the most accurate hearing exam possible.

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